Tuesday, September 02, 2008

POTD 090208

POTD 090208, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

"Play School" day 2.

A little easier time dropping him off this morning although there were tears...that is so hard. He knew we were there to pick him up before we could even get in the gate. It seems the bigger kids already know that we are his parents and announced us to him! We were met at the door with a big hug and smile. Then he insisted that he play for another 10 minutes or so!

Day 2 and we also received our first "incident report." I didn't even know schools did that! We have a nice little diagram of a body with a big X over the cheek. Very medical official like. Seems he crashed on the playground and they found him just sitting there with a little quiver but no tears. Peer pressure makes me think I need to borrow 4 or 5 kids to keep around the house. Oh, the incident report also documented the treatment. "Ice and lots of hugs." If only everything could be treated so easily!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Buddy, I am sorry you had a little accident, it won't be the last, hope your day is better today. That is a cool toy.
Love you Mumzy/


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