Saturday, September 06, 2008

POTD 090608

POTD 090608, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

This morning Shea made me tea in this mug. It's one of those I've had a long time (see the chip?!). Ian was amused by it and especially by the little girl. Our conversation:

Ian: What's she got?
Me: A weight, so she can be strong.
It's good to be strong.
Ian: And beautiful?
(gasp...where did he hear that one? he's 3!! we have no television! It's good to be beautiful??!! WHAT?!!)
Mom: Beauty is on the inside (what else do you say?) Who is beautiful?
Ian: That girl. (pointing to the mug)
Mom: Who else?
Ian: And Addy...

Ahhh sweet boy. You make me smile. And yes, Addy is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

What a boy..this week I need the be strong..
Love you m

Michelle Filo said...

he is so clever :) and looks like he has a girlfriend already LOL how sweet! hope things keep improving at the new school :) you guys are brave!
I miss being able to chat and visit here more often :(
at least life is good :)


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