Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slowing Down

Life got a little crazy around here the last week or so. I think things are finally calming down a bit and we'll be back into a normal routine.

Wanted to wish my dear friend Melanie a very happy birthday :) I'm late for her in the UK, but heck it's still her birthday here! Plus, she deserves a jubillee too! She is one of those people I've never met but feel so very close to! So excited that we are meeting in real life in January! What a blast that will be, both of us flying hours from home and spending a jet lagged weekend together with 20 other women meeting mostly for the first time! (is mostly a word?!)
Take a look at her blog! She has the most adorable kids...and well, Daisy is spoken for! Mel and I just need she and Ian to meet now!

1 comment:

Britgirl said...

you are too kind K!
so nice to see you back blogging :)


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