Friday, September 26, 2008

Stinky Compost

I compost.

I'm proud of my ability to achieve the correct blend of green and brown items so that there is no smell nor swarm of unwanted insects. I'm proud worms are thriving and sweet sweet mulchy brown stuff is being created.

And then...things began to change.

The bin was moved each day just a few inches.

A hole began to appear in the dirt at one corner.

And one day the entire contents was strewn around the backyard. Only the dirt (and some moldy potatoes remained).

So we did a little sleuthing and given our proximity to the river, weight of the bin and the telltale footprint left on our back deck we determined we had a raccoon who doesn't eat potatoes.

A little frustrated that my composting efforts were waisted on a masked bandit I was determined to not let him (her?) win. So I continue to compost, throwing big rocks against the bottom to deter digging.

Until tonight that is...

Having not fallen asleep putting Ian to bed, Shea had new found freedom! So in what appeared to be a fit of boredom? he went to the garage in the dead of night to dig out old Cd's. I heard him go out and DEFINITELY heard him come back in soon after. He looked at me as he plopped into his chair and said, "I just had the *#@x!! scared out of me!"

It seems as he was looking for his Cd's a furry black and white creature (rodent?) walked right in front of him...minding his own business. THANKFULLY Shea had the presence of mind to not scream, run, or panic. He backed out of the garage...and then ran!

It seems that raccoon we thought we had...

IS A SKUNK! And now it is living in our garage!

OH MY! I guess we are going to get familiar with animal control!


Amanda said... the words of lainie..'eww a stinky stunk!' hope u get rid of it before it sprays someone!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Shea but I laughed (a lot) then said oh my gosh, you are so lucky you didn't get sprayed, ask Uncle Bruce you got one soon there will be two or ? more, cute raccon would have been better.
Love U

Michelle Filo said...

OMG, LOL, did you guys get it out of the house yet? I wouldn't like to be in your shoes right now, especially if you startle the little intruder!
I loved the photos bellow, such great colors. And Mateus also LOVES to say "I have an idea". I am just sorry I can't stand a chance of capturing it on camera, it is truly precious the way he says it!


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