Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Watering Can

IMG_4676, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

He has wanted this watering can for SO LONG. A million different reasons for not buying it -- birthday coming, looking for a kid version, etc, etc. Finally just bought the ugly grey one he's wanted since the beginning of the summer!

He LOVES it! He picked out flowers that we will pot tomorrow and we had a discussion about responsibility. Yep...3 years old. He nodded and said yes. Who knows if he really understood when I said, "It will be your responsibility to water them everyday. That means you take care of them so they grow big."

On another note

I'm sitting in the dark because the light burned out and it requires a ladder to change. Which requires a trip to the garage. Which could mean a late night encounter with Stinky. Don't know if he is still there. Don't want to find out.


And keeping up with my Week In The Life project...today I

1. Got up
2. Folded laundry
3. Worked on project
4. Brought Ian downstairs half dressed
5. He watched a video as a reward for getting completely dressed
6. Took a bath
7. Was joined by a little boy who can't stand anyone else in the tub without him
8. Got dressed
9. Dressed Ian (again)
10. Packed him into the bike trailer
11. Dropped him off at "Play School" (his term for Preschool)
12. Rode home looking sadly at Weatherstone as I skipped my ritual warm beverage stop
13. Worked on project
14. Ate jalepenos on my homemade baked taquitos for lunch
15. Worked on project
16. Broke/Fixed internet
17. Worked on project
18. Chatted with neighbor and Shea
19. Worked on project
20. Went to dinner at Jalepenos' (see a trend)
21. Went to parent meeting at "Play School"
22. Worked on project
23. Chatted with neighbor
24. Worked on project too late
25. Broke printer
26. Said good night to Ian
27. Worked on project
28. Chatted with neighbor
29. Wrote this
30. Went to bed (much too late)

Oh...and that project? Done...finally. So much for sending Ian to PlaySchool so I didn't have to work late nights...

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Anonymous said...

busy mom,(who you trying to kid about not working late, always with you) wished the sound workded on my computor so I could hear the last blog maybe my son in law will be home for fall festival and see what he can do.. love the watering photo


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