Thursday, January 06, 2011

Get It Right In Camera, Or Not

This photo of Ian from December has been grabbing my attention since early this morning. It is completely him. That is his real smile right now, and the look in his eye. Real. Him.

It's confession time. I hope you don't mind.

You've heard it. Get it right in camera so you don't have to work on it later. Yes, it's true, I believe it. I say it in my own classes.

Can I show you something?

I cropped the heck out of this! And you know what? I can live with that! Sometimes you just have to. Children aren't easy to photograph. They have little minds of their own (little growing minds, thinking up new ideas every moment.) So if you're messing in Lightroom or Photoshop to make your photos look better. No worries.

Anybody else out there doing a little creative cropping? I can't be the only one!


Deb said...

It's wonderful to get it right in camera, but unless you're a professional or long time serious hobbyist, photographs just don't come out that perfectly. That's one of the benefits of digital photography - not just that you have instant photos and no need to buy film, but that the average person can easily edit them! I have six different graphics editing programs that I use for editing my photos. Why six? Well, they all do different things well. For example, I've only found one (Paint Shop Pro) that lets me choose the eye color when correcting red-eye. To me, it's all artful, creative, and about getting the image you want.

Mindy said...

Oh yes - I often have lots of creative crops going on and don't feel bad about it one bit! :)

Cheryl McCain said...

I'm faithful in checking the surroundings of my subject, but you nailed it Katrina when you said children are hard to photograph. I can't count how many shots I made with my grandkids just trying to get JUST the one. Always something in the frame I didn't want there! You do a great job with your photography and you're honest in sharing your expertise. I appreciate you so much!!

C McCormick said...

Thank you for saying that! I'll quote you on a comment you made on one of my photos in the last Kids Through The Lens class, "you are the master of the crop". I try hard to get it right in camera, but am totally not afraid to crop and do other corrections if I need to. I guess I cut myself some slack since I'm still learning so much and now shooting off auto almost 100% :)

The View From Here / 365 Days - 365 Photos said...

I love to crop! I'm amazed at how it can totally change a photo. The photo I took yesterday for my 365 project was okay (to my amateur eye), but I started cropping it and then I loved it. It is a photo of my dog, and like kids, I'm doing good to get the shots before he darts away.

I just told someone today that I thought the 3 important things in taking photos (again, my amateur opinion) is light, the lens you use, and cropping!

rmeyfe said...

You aren't alone! I tend to shoot wider just because I know I can always crop it down but you can't ever un-zoom if that is a word!

Caligramx9 said...

The ability to crop a photo gives me pure joy...I think even the "shot right" photo can be given new life with the right crop..

Carol said...

Oh yes, I'm a cropper. It helps to make me look thinner!!! ROFL. Crop that spare type right out of the photo!


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