Monday, May 18, 2009

430 Alarm

POTD 051809 - Waiting, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

After a tough night and a long napless day the alarm on my phone went off at 430PM with the notice "Carousel Opening @ Zoo." We almost forgot! We quickly piled into the car, drove across town and were the 2nd in line for the grand opening of the zoo's new wooden carousel. Ian was so excited and had his animal picked before we got on -- the polar bear.

Once we were on the polar bear just wasn't it for him and he quickly moved the praying mantis. Around we all went. We got in line a second time and he was determined to get the eagle, but someone beat him to it so he happily settled for the ant eater next to my ostrich.

A quick ride around again only to notice the line was now SUPER long! A trip to the chimpanzees and the lion and we were on our way home again.

What fun! What a great photo spot it will be!


Anonymous said...

Well that sounds like a fun afternoon. Love the expression on Ians face..
Love U

mollie said...

What a remarkable carousel this one must be. And, what a fun thing to do on a wonderful morning! :)

If I should visit Sacramento again this carousel will be on my list of sights to see! :)

{P.S. Ian looks soooo tall here }

*Paula* said...

4:30 a.m.? wow! It does sound like fun though!

Katrina said...

Oh NO! 430PM :)

Oh Mollie, Ian and I would love to take you on the carousel! He would just love you!!

Anonymous said...

how lucky to have such fun things for Ian ( & Mom & Dad ). I got excited when the new El Pollo Loco opened!


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