Friday, May 08, 2009

You Know It Is Going To Be A Good Day When...

POTD 050809 - Comfy, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

  • you take 46 photos by 9AM
  • there is a heart on your coffee
  • you are wearing your favorite holy jeans
  • little people cooperate and ask to be dressed
  • you find your keys in the first place you look
  • there is less than one load of dishes piled on sink
  • your floors have stayed clean for more than a day
  • the sun is shining


Christi said...

OMG love the heart in the coffee.

Stephanie Vetne said...

I just love your blog. <3 It's like a calm in the storm that has become my life. I saw your post awhile ago asking people what they like about your blog and I didn't know how to answer it, but I think this is it. You are happy. It just shines through your photos and your words and it's calming and soothing when everything else seems chaotic around me. It reminds me to just be happy and thankful for my life. And it also makes me want to come to your house in my worn out jeans and sit beside you and laugh and have coffee. :)

Carol said...

I do believe this needs to be on a scrapbook page Katrina! Love it.

Katrina said...

Thanks ladies!

Steph, your comment just makes me smile! I'm so glad I can be the calm place for you through rough times. We've worked hard to simplify life so we can enjoy more quiet time. And all of those weeks when I don't post? Most likely experiencing my crazy times!

Come on over anytime! I'd love to share coffee with you!

Sarah said...

Well, I missed the day this was added, but can I just say taht your good day brought a nice big smile to my face this am, and now I want coffee :) Totally agree with Steph, thanks for sharing that sunshine with us!


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