Friday, May 29, 2009

When The 3 Year Old Is Away...

We sent him away Thursday @ 640AM. He more than eagerly jumped on the train with my mom, his Mumzy, and away they went. No tears. No sadness. Just his eager shouting of "this is so exciting." 
It seems I was the one with tears as I saw this pull away from the station. So strange to have him so far away. 

We went to work without the preschool drop off. Came home without the pick up. Sat around with no demands to play up stairs, no requests for water, or goldfish. No protests over bath time or bed time. No good night hugs and kisses. No little boy laughter. (sigh...)

It seems we aren't completely good at being without him. We talked about him (a lot). We wondered what he was doing. We spent FOREVER trying to decide what do/where to go for dinner. It didn't seem right to stay at home. So finally we decided on this.

and this

And a Friday night outing for dinner with Justin & Breena and this

as we listened to him play great cover songs!

Oh and of course I took some to time for a little photo excursion. I love that this was next door to the Pyramid Alehouse!
A great two days...but now I'm ready to go pick the little man up! And my mom said she tried to take photos of everything they did! She knows me too well!

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Sarah said...

amazing how hard it is to get use to their being away - not that we ever really can... love this set of photos, too!


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