Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tales From The Garden - 3 Days Later

Nine Days GIS1

Credits here
based on a Debbie Hodge Sketch

Yesterday I created this layout celebrating my strawberries! I was so proud. I'd already planned my photos for picking it and cutting it into three equal pieces that we would each enjoy. The first product of our garden.

And then today...

I went out to check the garden (...ok, to take pictures of it!). I checked the tomatoes, beautiful. My first little tomatoes are forming. Corn looks good, needs to be thinned a bit. Sunflowers taking off. Green beans in serious need of staking. Carrots bigger than just two days ago. And then I see it. A sad little stem that once held a plump almost red strawberry. Gone. Robbed. Stolen.

I don't know who did it. I assume they either had two feet and a beak or four feet and a bushy tail. Not happy! I hope they enjoyed it. The funny thing? As I made the layout I kept saying, it's a strawberry. Why am I making a page about a strawberry? And I guess, now I know!

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Anonymous said...

And the tomatoes will go so will the beans a sad thing need to get a net and something that makes a sound when your hairly little visitors come back. sorry would have loved to seen the first strawberry from your garden :(
Love U


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