Thursday, May 14, 2009

Viewer's Choice

Feeling like changing things up this week! I took an average number of photos this week. Had an average week. Nothing too exciting. Nothing horrible. Just average all around.

With that, I'm giving you a choice. Tell me which category from the week you'd like to see and most votes wins. I'll post photos tomorrow afternoon!

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Food & Beverages
Seen At The Park
Found Around


Heather said...

All of them would be cool but first vote goes to How does your garden grow?

Anonymous said...

The garden for sure with a beer shot for good measure!! I want to see your raised beds....i have this huge, impossible to maintain, vegetable garden, I have talked Jim into building me smaller raised beds and landscaping around them. then maybe i will keep on top of the weeds.

kathie (who can't remember her google sign in password this morning)

Anonymous said...

All of them..I love to see what you have been doing every day..

Sarah said...

Seriously you are making us choose.... I want to see your garden, but shots from the park, things found around - like I said, all of them works for me :)

Anonymous said...

how does your garden grow? elsa and i had a good day today. aunt billie, robin, her kid, my sis ida and i had lunch out then your mom and i played scrabble. i beat her really bad and she won 1 game but just barely ;)

Amy L said...

Food and beverages for sure!


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