Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Floral Fireman

POTD 052009 , originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

When we picked Ian up from school today he'd found a new hat! He willingly modeled it for about 60 seconds! I don't know what I love most here, his big eyes, his funny expression, the hawaiian print, the hat. Well, maybe I just like it all!


Sarah said...

WOW! this is one special photo... those eyes - those reds.... sigh! you are so good, k!

Anonymous said...

Love that boy all of him..cute cute picture.

L & O said...

60 secs is a long time. you have trained him well. I get about 10 tops.

Mozer said...

Dang girl you are good! I want to capture the eyes like you do! I still blame my camera lens---lol. Guess I need to sign up for your class :)

Myra said...

Those eyes! Just too much!


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