Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proof I Take My Camera Everywhere

This not very focused photo is proof I take my camera everywhere, slung across me ready to shoot! Today as we were riding home along the Capital sidewalk (notice the sign indicating the legality of our route) I decided I needed to capture my frequent view from behind Shea as he pulls Ian in the trailer. I love the shadows from the palm trees. And if you look at the bottom you'll notice my basket and to the left my shadow. Nope. I didn't stop. And yep, I just held it up and took a guess about where they might be. It makes me smile :)


Anonymous said...

Good guess, I like the palm tree U

Amy L said...

You? Taking your camera everywhere lol? Fun shot.

Jennifer said...


L & O said...

love the tree shadows against Shea's patterned shirt.


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