Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Scary!

Ian is obsessed with all things Star Wars. He doesn't watch the movies after a stern talking to his dad, but he's seen enough to know all of the characters. His favorite? Darth Maul. Go figure. Today he asked me to paint his face like "nice Darth Maul." He wasn't happy with my first try so we had to find a photo and redo it. I'm getting better at it! Now I just need to get real face paint and he's set. Face crayons definitely try a little boy's patience!

On another note,

Thanks for all of the kind comments after my last post! I loved reading the reasons you click by here! And Mandy, thanks! I'll post more photos of the girls! (come visit and maybe I'll have more to post ;) )


mollie said...

I think you are really good at the Darth Maul face! It is just as it should be ... sketchy ... centered ... a tiny bit scary ... a tiny bit Mom!

But, I "really" do think that you are "really" good at making this boy of yours happy! And, that is what the really real Darth Maul would love you to be!!! :)

Kari said...

our kids would get along all too well.

we have a sad house because we cannot find the GREEN lightsaber... because as you know.. this is the one that yoda uses... not the RED, PURPLE, or BLUE ones that are sitting on the floor waiting to be played with.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh am i behind here I thought it was pirates, you look pretty cute buddy and mom did a great job on your face..
Love U

mandy said...

i know i a homebody tho, hasn't anyone figured that out yet?!!!


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