Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something For Everyone - Photo Extravaganza!

So my garden photos were slightly more in demand than the other categories, but given the results were so close I thought I'd throw out a little something for everyone!

So first, join me in the garden.

I can't recall if this is the ruffled or yellow crook neck!

Sweet Corn
I may have not planted enough rows for it to pollinate so we'll see if I get more than photos!
We have an entire bed of sunflowers and a garden full of lady bugs! They are everywhere this year!
And for those of you (mom) who wanted to see Ian. Here he is spied through the fence at school before we picked him up and before anyone little shouted "Ian's mom and dad!" I love how excited they all get when we arrive. They don't ask me why I have my camera anymore, now they just ask if they can see their pictures!

And one from last night!  Walking to Thrifty for ice cream season has begun in our house. Before we left Ian decided he wanted to try brown ice cream (thank goodness, before it was the neon blue completely sugared cotton candy grossness). He was so proud of himself for eating it all! I was happy to know half of it fell off and another quarter of it appears to be on his face and clothes!
Now off to the garden for a little photo taking and planting fun! More photos later today! I'm just in that kind of mood!


Anonymous said...

love your garden pictures, but my fav are Ian, way to go with Ice cream buddy,,gosh that sounds good, maybe gramps and I will walk to the ice cream store hummmm..
Love U..

Amy said...

Great garden photos -- makes me miss living in the midwest! Love your blog!


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