Monday, May 25, 2009

Take Me To The River

What a great weekend! It was just the right combination of business and do nothingness. We started with a visit from Shea's mom and aunt. A nice visit and also the catalyst for the house cleaning of all house cleanings! They left Sunday morning and I just wandered the house saying, "can you believe how clean it is?! We need your mother to visit more often!"

Today we spent most of the day at home. More gardening. The last 4 beds were constructed today! Total=11 It looks great and is GROWING! I discovered cute little green beans beginning to replace the flowers from last week. And, well, I may have squash madness soon! Anybody want some?

Ian really wanted to see the new dog park that opened on Saturday. In the midst of our mad cleaning we forgot about the grand opening so made it up to him tonight. No. We do not have a dog. No. We are not getting a dog. Ian thinks he is. But he also sometimes thinks he is a monster, an alien, a jedi master, and sometimes even a girl. So I'm not too worried. He enjoyed the dog park but was a little confused about the absence of a slide! We left when he told us he was going to " 'tend he was a dog" and got on all fours.

The river is just a short walk/bike ride from the dog park so we headed to a spot a neighbor had mentioned would be perfect for Ian. Down this trail or the "forest" as Ian pointed out.

The sandy bank was perfect, the water was freezing, and the light was amazing (to me anyway!)

POTD 052509 - Discovery, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy. (click to see it larger, so much better!)

He LOVED it! Bucket after bucket of water either dumped on our feet and a big hole nearby. He shouted, "I'm filling up the Nile!" A little protest over leaving, but now he's out!

A good weekend. And tomorrow my mom visits! And my house is already clean! 


Heather said...

Gorgeous photo Katrina! The light is beautiful and what a fabulous composition with Ian the star of it all.

Jennifer said...

Awesome photo!

L & O said...

great photo! where is this place?

Sarah said...

the photo is so special, k! the lighting could not have been more perfect - so exciting to begin seeing the 'fruits' -er. vegetables of your labour coming forth. what a nice weekend - hope your week is going just as well.


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