Saturday, March 14, 2009

Art Madness!

POTD 031409, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Success! Mix a bunch of the under five crowd, paint, cooked spaghetti and a Saturday evening for fun, fun fun!

Ian's preschool's open house and art party for Second Saturday was a blast! Some mom I know thought it would be a grand idea if she coordinate it...and despite her very tired feet and body she's happy about the results! Lots of families came to help and even more showed up to enjoy the evening of food, beverages and art for the little people!

The highlight of my evening was definitely the spaghetti art! We cooked spaghetti, let them dip it in paint and then they threw it at large sheets of paper on the fence. Hysterical!

And the only child I didn't photograph? My own...geez!


Anonymous said...

WHAT! no photo of Ian.. the painted spaghetti sounds like it was a lot of fun.. congratats to you for making it a hit..
Love u

Heather said...

Hehe, great photo and congratulations on what it success it was.

Too bad on missing the photo of Ian... guess an at home redo is in order?

mollie said...

Can't believe that you didn't take a photo of Ian throwing spaghetti, Katrina! I do love the shot that you posted ... great colors. I love Ian's school!!!!!

I have never heard of painting with spaghetti before, and certainly have never thought of doing so. But, I think it is an inspired idea and want to do this for our boys just as soon as the weather is warm enough to hose them off afterwards!


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