Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ian's First Rodeo

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Just a short trip from home today and I was able to visit my sister and niece who had travelled to Plymouth for the California High School Rodeo Association's Challenge of Champions. When we lived closer I was able to watch Kylie ride more often but that has been a long time now!

With them so close we couldn't miss the opportunity to say hello and take Ian to his first Rodeo. He loved seeing the horses and was fearless around them (unlike his mother who has never enjoyed the experience and has always wondered how she is part of her family!)
Kylie was there doing her Queen duties which meant a FAST ride in for the grand entry. It reminded me of watching her mom do the same years ago for the Springville Rodeo.

Definitely not my normal Saturday spot to hang out, but a fun time! (I did wonder though how much they'd all want me there if they knew my food preferences!)

***ETA - Well, I guess I did grow up in a horse loving, farming family. We raised grapes, oranges, olives, and a few other crops. Playing outside meant not going past the first big standpipe. DH often says I grew up on Little House on the Prairie. So yep, I have some horses in my roots.  I always asked if I was adopted, and when I graduated from college they gave me a card confirming it ;-) but we all look much too alike to really believe it!

****E(again)TA - I did do the pigeon thing for a while Rosie and rabbits. I attempted two lambs one actually named Rosie Mae, but that really wasn't my thing! Ian liked seeing all of the horses and even kissed Kylie's! He was a little confused by the events though. The first thing he saw was the bareback riders and just didn't get why the horses were bucking so much and why the guy fell off! He made it through about four events with the help of the clown (which wasn't quite funny enough for him) before he said, "let's go home." He did tell Auntie Kelly that he was going to be a cowboy for Halloween. We'll just add it to the ever growing list!


Teri said...

Did you grow up in a horsey family Katrina? Learn something new everyday.

mollie said...

Great shot of your niece, Katrina! I would imagine that if these horses talk to any neighboring cows, they would love your food choices! What a fun event for you and Ian . . . you didn't tell us how much Ian enjoyed it?

Teri said...

Sounds like a great place for a child to grow up. Funny about asking if you were adopted. My niece (19) declared to the whole camping family a few summers ago that she just didn't have the camping gene, like the rest of us. We all laughed at her and told her to go to her tent:)

Anonymous said...

oh Trina, i do remember a 4-h kid so in to her pigeons tho.

Anonymous said...

oops, i think that was Kelly. you were the sewing girl. ok, i'm old and confused!

Anonymous said...

Let me see! 4-H sheep project, you could really set that ewe up! rabbits blue ribbons, not to mention the sewing,and I think there may have been a cooking class , sorry but you have the blood of a farm family and you did well with little man Ian rodeo on :)
Love U


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