Monday, March 16, 2009

Photographer's Assistant

POTD 031609, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Ian and I went for a walk this morning. Nothing unusual. To his school to drop off a book we'd borrowed, Weatherstone for a little coffee and his usual pumpkin muffin. Walking towards home afterwards the overcast sky made for perfect diffused light! I asked him if he wanted to take photos and he promptly announced, "no thank you." Oh, so polite that little man!

When I spied daffodils I couldn't resist. They are second in my world only to tulips. I love their bright yellow and their great shape! I plopped myself on the sidewalk to get eye level with it at just the right angle. I must have looked like I was struggling a bit as he announced, "I'll help!" climbed out of his stroller and grabbed the stem to move it. "I'll move it for you momma." I know it is something he's watched his dad do for me on many a photo outing! I couldn't resist capturing those sweet little fingers!

I have a real assistant now! Off to teach him a few lighting you think he is too small to hold my reflector?


manda said...

Hi Katrina - just popped over from Flickr.

no! he's not too small at all - i'm sure you could load him up with tripod, flash, batteries, thermos...

it is a beautiful photograph - you both did well!

Amy L said...

Just adorable!

Heather said...

Love the little fingers in there :)

mollie said...

Wonderful, K ... love the focus ... love the colors!


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