Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Vote Is In!

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions for my 365 project! Remarkably the vote was almost even for all three designs, but your insights into the pages really helped compel me to my decision.

Mugsbigsis voted for #2 and said 
I like the fact that the journaling on those templates is not overwhelming to the photos and that there is room for more than just one line if you need to "say more" about a photo.
Yep, I need more than one line. I do (often) have a lot to say!

Kathleen said
I have to say I like #3 the best! It just looks really sharp. And it's making me want to see the whole book. AND try it for myself!
Sharp is good as is wanting to look at the whole book! Definitely swayed me. My dear friend Sarah sealed the deal though
I started to immeditaely say #1 but then I started thinking that you will probably continue to give photos you love or stories that need it a page of their own anyway (maybe)so I was tempted by #1 because of the large photo and more room for journaling and then I went straight to #3, I guess because its an overview - quick glimpse i guess. and i just love the way you made that page look. And I think 52 pages for the one book and then another book with your pages from the year - and really one of my favorites of yours is when you printed the book of just your fav photos - girl you are just so talented you cant go wrong!

So truth be told, I went with number one. And then I got frustrated because it has more than seven photo spots which led to another decision about which extra photos to include. So I listened to Sarah's idea of a quick overview.

So three it is!

Thanks ladies for really helping me think this through! If you are doing the 365 thing, link me up so we can all see what talent there is out there! :)


Carol said...

Love it Katrina, the perfect page layout. You wouldn't even realise but it was your Christmas pages that made me want to use Kraft for my 365 in the first place!

Myra said...

You know you had to do the Kraft K. It just wouldn't have been right any other way. :)

sarah said...

Yep - you cant go wrong.... Your pages are perfect - all of them.... :) :)


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