Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let's Play Circus!

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He's never been but he certainly has a keen grasp of exactly what goes on there! Today was just beautiful sunny almost warm day so we spent most of it outside. A walk for coffee in the morning. Playing basketball in the backyard, talking to Joe in the front yard and then off to Rubicon in the afternoon. Yes. Yes. I know. We went there yesterday. We are just stimulating the local economy and building community. It's just so nice to have a place where they know our names ;-)

After a few adult beverages and a snack we rode our bikes to the Capital and let Ian play on the front steps. Funny how that has become one of our favorite spots to play, even better than a real park or a playground. We run, jump, play hide and seek, watch the fish, visit the gigantic firefighters and repeat it all. A very versatile spot!

We took a little break and sat on the steps and Ian declared he was a clown at the circus. He performed for us complete with pie in the face and water squirting (where does he get this stuff?!) He then insisted we each follow his lead. So up went dad. Here's dad's version of pie in the face. 

Since I had the camera you don't get to see my version, but I was informed I didn't jump or stick my tongue out enough, but did get much praise for shooting water at them instead of just myself!

Then for some crazy reason I thought it would be fun to ride our bikes along the river to get home. So about 5 miles later we were home! I know it doesn't sound far, but let me remind you we were on 3 speed cruisers that weigh about 30 pounds each, one pulling an additional 26 pound load! Needless to say, it was a fun way to end our day before we are off to bed early! (and all plan to sleep well!)


I'm thinking we should all buy the house next door together! 

Kathie could use it during the winter, plenty of room for Buddy to romp!

My mom could use it on her monthly weekend trip to visit Ian. (then he could go to Mumzy's house)

Unless of course, Amy's boys move in, but only if they insist on playing music loudly a lot and having lots of friends over because that really is what we enjoyed most about our former neighbors!


kathie said...

Well my friend...I think you have had the best idea I have heard in ages!! Put in an offer and I will start packing :)

Anonymous said...

What fun you had at the capital Ian has such a great imagination.
Love U


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