Friday, March 13, 2009

More Than Just Beer In My Life

Okay, so a little more of my day than just beer! I didn't want anyone to worry about me or goodness, neglecting my child.

A friend at Fairytale Town.

I love that all little boys I photograph learn the hide my face with whatever is in my hand technique!

Ooops! this photo might make you worry about my parenting abilities! He really isn't asking me to let him out of this!

When we got home from Fairytale Town or "Humpty Dumpty" as Ian calls it there were about a million birds singing in our trees. Ian looked at me and asked, "are they singing for me?" I said, yes, of course. He looked up into the trees and shouted, "thank you birds!"

Love that kiddo!

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Jennifer said...

so cute those 2 rugrats


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