Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lego Store In 18 Minutes Or Less!

POTD 031509b, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

We don't shop. Sometimes Target, but never the mall. It had literally been over two years since I'd been. Ian has no memory of ever being there since his last time was in a stroller with friends on a pre walking play date!

We found out recently that a new Lego Store had opened and since he has fully embraced the brick and had earned a new toy after two weeks of getting dressed and going to school without argument it seemed like the right thing to do!

Of course, we wake up at 6AM on Sunday and have to explain why we can't go immediately! We finally are able to go, arriving to discover that just because we are out and moving does not mean stores are open! So we went up and down the escalator and the elevator for 20 minutes before the stores opened. He was so proud to go up the escalator by himself. I'll admit it was a little worrisome as he can barely reach the railing and we weren't sure what he'd do at the top! I got much closer to him as we approached the launch! :)

A little after 11AM the Lego Store opened (nothing in comparison to DisneyWorld's the only one I'd seen before, but how can it possibly compete?!). Ian quickly made the rounds of the edges with Dad while the 20 sales clerk explained to me that Duplos would really be best for him. I just smiled and nodded as I thought, "yeah, right!" Now, if they made Star Wars Duplo sized he'd be all over it. He just isn't into Thomas!

A 3/4 trip around the store, he discovered the play table. Sat for 5 minutes was done with that. Spied some Star Wars guys by the register. I held them up, said, "Ian do you want these?" He said yes. Held them in his hands. Looked at me and said, "let's go home."

Paid for. Under $40. Out the door. Down the elevator. In the car. Headed Home.


My guess is that it will not always be this easy!

ETA...the crazy thing? Only time for 1 photo! That's it. 1. And it isn't even of Ian! :)


Heather said...

Wow! Seems he is a decisive little guy and you got an awesome shot of him on the escalator, that should count for all the non-photos of in the store.

mollie said...

What a great photo ... and what a milestone for Ian {and for you}. It is a leap of faith to let our little ones ride the escalator {or cross the street, etc.} for the very first time, isn't it!

Without the photo you would probably forget that there was a first time and perhaps someday would wonder just when he became so independent. :)


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