Friday, March 06, 2009

POTD 030609

POTD 030609, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

My friend Kathie from ND commented that I don't post as well as I used I'm going to attempt to change that!

Today was a homeday. Always good days. We played legos, star wars, dinosaurs, read books, ate snacks, attempted a nap, more star wars, more legos, more snacks. Then off to the park to meet friends we just don't see often enough!

All of that work meant we NEEDED a little evening break so family time at Rubicon. Ahhhh, life is so much better with Rubicon in it!

...and Paul and Joe are gone. It feels very quiet and lonely on our end of the street.

Anybody want to be our neighbors?


Anonymous said... updated!! Love the photo. It was great to hear your voice yesterday and hear you laugh...Ian too!!!

I would love to be your neighbor. (sigh)

Kathie (filing under anon as I can't remember by google id/pw...sheesh)

Teri said...

K., I love this picture. So urban with a nice abstract quality to it. Sorry about your neighbors......

Anonymous said...

Humm maybe I could make it my Sac home away from home..

Amy L said...

Would you take a few young adult men who need to move away from home? Sorry your friends had to leave. I love your photo.


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