Sunday, March 22, 2009

Conversation with Dirt

Phase #1 of our backyard project is in full force! I'm calling it the big clean up for lack of more creativity. We've started removing all of the old rocks, cinder blocks, wood and junk that has been deposited there both before our purchase and since we moved in last May. Tuesday the tree company comes to remove six of the trees from our arboretum! Someone seriously liked trees before us! I'm fond of them, but not at the expense of actually having ANY sunlight land on a patch of soil. If you look at our house on google earth all you see is the large canopy of green. The six that are going all started as two trees but over the years grew enough new ones out of the original trunk to count as six trees! None of them are healthy and definitely not nice to look at! I think we'll be left with about 6 trees in the backyard not including the 5 palm trees!

After the trees are removed we can begin the fun of working up the soil and beginning to put in our veggie beds! Ian will be very sad to see all of the weeds go! He LOVES creating paths through them and looking for bugs. I'm hoping the discovery of tons of worms will fill the weed space for him!

So anyone need a little exercise? We'd love to have the help!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd love to help Ian dig worms and then we could go fishing! I haven't been fishing in 2 years. I think I need a little boy to go with me.


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