Monday, June 07, 2010

Quiz Answers!

My photography quiz last week had a catch. A little something you couldn't see.

ISO 1000 | 50mm | f/1.4 | ss 1/50

Are you ready for this? I took the photo at 849PM. Later than you expected? My settings definitely helped bring enough light in for the shot, but there was a little something else working for me. I got a little help! Across the street is a softball field with the lights on, a nice distance from my subject, diffused very nicely.

There you have it. Sometimes you just use what you've got.

Thanks for giving it a guess, I loved all of your explanations! Stay tuned for another photo quiz this week!

1 comment:

Lisa Smiley said...

Katrina, love that photo and am interested by the high ISO. Did you say you have a 5D? I am struggling with the low light capabilities of my rebel and really would love to get non-grainy pics over 400. I guess I will just have to get the 5D...and my sons will skip college :) Seriously, though, is the 5D's low light capabilities amazing? I hate hate hate flash and need to know :)


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