Thursday, June 03, 2010

Are You Frustrated With Your Photo of the Day Project?

Do you remember the excitement you started this year's photo of the day project with? Remember all of the possibilities before you? So many photos to take.

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And then, somewhere around March, your energy began to dwindle. You found yourself working hard to take A photo. The joy was gone. You began taking photos because you were a slave to the project. Maybe you even skipped a day. Maybe you even stopped, deciding it wasn't a project for you.  Only people who don't sleep or fold laundry could possibly complete a 365 project.

As the warmer days of summer approach, the light is lasting longer. The days are filled with more photo opportunity. Our activity levels increase. So what if you missed a day? Who cares if you don't fill in every date on the calendar. Pick up your camera and begin again.

Need inspiration? Look back at the photos you started the year with. Appreciate the moments and details of your life. Enjoy what you've done and stop focusing on what you haven't.

Have fun with it. Recapture the excitement. And remember, it's fun!

Here are just a few posts that might help you rekindle ideas and enthusiasm:
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You can also gather inspiration from someone else's photo of the day projects. A few of my favorites:

Melanie Grimes

Teri Argo

How is your project going? What are you doing to keep rekindle the joy?


esther_a said...

I can go days thinking my photos are bad or boring, but all I have to do is look back over the week or month or year and see what a wonderful record it makes of our family story.

cate said...

I have missed days (there is almost a week of May missing)... but I'm still plodding on, because it's so much fun to look back at the first 3 months of photos already printed... think I'll do a blog post about it this week...


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