Friday, June 04, 2010

This Is What Summer Is Going To Look Like

Do you know what your summer is going to look like?

I think this is ours. Ian in front of our new neighbor's house. He loves her. We love her. We got really lucky after more than a year of uncertainty.

In just two weeks we've spent hours in her front yard - playing, talking, laughing. We warned her that Ian felt like he owned the place.

I think she believes us now!

Anyone up for a photo quiz? Any guesses what time of day this was taken? Give me the precise hour if you can, without looking at the metadata of course!


The Grounds Family said...

The light is "golden" so it was taken an hour or so after sun up or and hour or so before going down. I am going to guess the 7:30-8:30 pm hour...

esther_a said...

Long shadows. I'll guess evening rather than morning. So I'll go for 8:15 (I googled sunset in Sacramento!)

Myra said...

She looks just as kind and wonderful as you described her. I'm so happy she's there! Happy summer!

Amy L said...

I have no idea about the time of day, but just want to say that I'm glad you like her! And that Ian likes her. Also I just realized that I didn't read your whole post on the toot toot thread before I replied...LOL!

Christi said...

I'm going to say sunset.

I love how Ian has his hands on his hips.


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