Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Roosters, Super Friends, and My Garden

In case you've wondered where I've been the last few days, here's a recap in photos. They are all taken straight from my real life to your computer screen, unedited, because that is the place I'm in!

We spent time with  Super Friends. A blog post on that story, coming soon!

and a rooster or two.

And in my garden.

I love this time of year! Eight more days until our summer can really begin! I'm looking forward to lots of play, garden goodness, and picture taking. What are you looking forward to?


Kimberly said...

I am looking forward to NOT having to take Isabella to school everyday!!!

Monybean said...

I'm loving the organic garden... well done :)

The Grounds Family said...

OMG gosh Katrina!! That first photo reminds me of a photo my mother took of me and a couple of neighbor boys 40 some odd years ago. The exception was we were all standing together arms around necks with me in the middle and our bellies hanging out! Couldn't for the like of me tell you who those boys were but it is one of the photos I love. Striped shirts and crew cuts to boot.

erin said...

I know this is not a contest... but I am still guessing that the rooster made his appearance at Sunflower in Fair Oaks.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, look at some of the photos of my brothers and I and see those same expressions so many years ago, Love this picture.


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