Thursday, June 17, 2010

What My 365 Project Has Taught Me

After being in on this photo a day thing for a bit over two years, I've learned a little something.

The number of photos I take is often indicative of my mood. Today for example, two photos. That could mean I was really busy with work getting home to late for good light or it could mean I just didn't have the energy. Sapped. That is exactly how I feel. Tired. Ready for summer. Ready to have some of the corners of my life cleaned up a little bit. Anxious to make some big decisions and move forward.

Funny, how I can project all of my life musings onto my photography. I didn't pick up my camera and it began to feel like I didn't like photography. But it was just life that was a little stuck. When I did finally pick it up today, it was met with a 4 year old melt down over an unrelated issue. One of those two hour melt downs that we seem to be getting as he nears 5. I remember similar melt downs as we neared the year markers for him before. We can't be the only family that experiences those, can we?

I thought it was photography I was tired of, but really? I was just tired. So two photos, snapped with my phone.

I'll pick up my camera tomorrow. It will be there for me. And, who knows, it might be a 100 photo day. And then I'll need to analyze another angle of this project.

And there you have them. SOOC. Unedited. As is. Untouched. The real deal.


Anonymous said...

OH YES! exactly. 90 photos, 3 photos, 1 photo, 400 photos... its a mirror of how I feel, my camera. I really hope your tomorrow is a billion photo kinda day :)

esther_a said...

My 19yo had a meltdown two days ago. Cried, wouldn't eat, wouldn't talk to anyone, just sobbed in her room. All because her boss asked her not to use her mobile phone at work. It was her birthday the next day. Maybe it's just a birthday thing, then?!!

Robyn{Lee} said...

No, you are not the only one with a cute kiddo that likes to throw fits. I hope that brings you some solace! : ) And in fact, my 5 year old had one today and I bribed her with candy. Yes. I did : )

I hear ya on the photo a day thing too! Some days, I just take pics with my phone and that has to be enough for me. Some days, I feel like I'm losing my interest in photography, and that actually scares me (because I do love it so!). But, after some rest I'm usually ready to start back up! : )


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