Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Opinions On The Photo of the Day in 20 Years?

So I'm wondering, in 20 years which will be the best photo of the day?

#1 Ian eating fruit snacks. We had a moratorium on them, but it seems I forgot to cancel Amazon's Subscribe and Save, so they appeared again. The kiddo loves them.

#2 The kiddo in full motion, heading into the house. And yes, that is an old battery just removed from the van sitting in the background. Remember, I'm keeping it real.

#3 Out of focus dinner in our neighbor's backyard, complete with a dirty face. This photo just has to make you smile!

Imagine yourself as Ian at 24. Which would he pick?


Remember Monday's photo quiz? The answer? It's a leek blossom! We left in the bed just to see what the blossom would look like!

And yesterday's Real and Simple post of Ian's feet? Did you notice, the shoes are on the wrong feet? He didn't seem to mind!

In other, unrelated but so related news, Get Me Off of Auto is marked down for Thrifty Thursday at DesignerDigitals!


Heather said...

I'd say the fruit snack one :) Who doesn't love to look back on what our treats as kids were & how they have changed to those of today?

Christi said...

Tough one! I like #3. It's got boy written all over it.

Anonymous said...

I love #3 that laugh, and smile can just hear him.


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