Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adding The Every Day To December Daily

We have a lot of water in our Northern California rivers with more rain expected. Seeing the park flooded has occupied a certain 5 year old's brain, so I included it in our December book. We were able to take some time while it was not raining to go see the park, show him all of the water, and see the fabulous clouds with blue sky peeking through!

Everyday life goes on in December, so I thought it was important to add it in. I struggled a bit with the title of the page. The template said, Merry and Bright, which just didn't seem appropriate. A quick erase and a little addition and I think I've summed it up better. Do you struggle with including the everyday in your December Daily book?


Have you joined the new flickr group? Just for those of you I've had the privilege to help in your photography journey! Fun conversation, prompts and more to come!


Check out my post today at TheDailyDigi! Lot's of fun with holiday lights AND a give away!

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Kathleen said...

I thought and thought about adding the every day "stuff" ... and decided to. This year's every day life will be different than next years.

AND the flooding at your park is not "every day". It is special, a special place, a special weather event, etc, and part of "your December Daily".


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