Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Capture Christmas Light Bokeh

Lesson 1 - Lights Bokeh

The talent in Capture Your Holidays was stunning! I've asked several class participants to share their photos so you can see what wonderful images created in the last two weeks. TerryD photographed Santa with bokeh in such a beautiful way! I just love this image.

So how did she do it?

The key to great bokeh is:

  • a wide aperture
  • distance between your subject and the lights
  • a longer focal length.

Here you are, step by step. This photo can be taken in the daylight so you get enough light on Santa.

  1. In Manual Mode (M), select your widest aperture (the smallest f/number).
  2. Select Spot Metering.
  3. Meter on your subject for a correct exposure.
  4. Looking through your viewfinder, adjust your shutter speed until it indicates a correct exposure (the middle line on your light meter). Adjust your ISO and shutter speed, leaving your aperture at its widest number.
  5. Shoot.
  6. Review your results.
Have fun shooting!

By popular request I've created a Flickr Group for everyone who has been in one of my classes, benefitted from my tutorials or ebook, walked with me, or followed instructions on my blog! A fun place to share photos and stay connected. I hope you'll join us!

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Jess said...

This made my week.

I do natural light, usually outdoors. But, being winter and not wanting to freeze my kids, I've been shooting indoors, and my exposure and metering has been funky. The little things I couldn't pull together, you hit in this post.

Made my week.

TerryD said...

aww... this made my day!
thanks again Katrina!!
This was such a fun class!
I really enjoyed it! Happy Holidays!!

rmeyfe said...

I love Terry's picture! That is so awesome! I want to try it myself now!! :)

PS. Merry Christmas!


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