Monday, December 06, 2010

Narrowing Down the Photos For December Daily

I've selected my six photos to compliment my one photo layout of December 4th! Thank you for all of the great ideas and for gently pushing me toward my decision.

I loved all of the ideas you shared:
  • Put them all in a grid, similar to my post.
  • Make a flip page with the stories behind them.
  • Include a baseball card style page.
  • Use an index print of all pages.
  • Create an elf minibook.
Loved them!

So why did I pick only six?

I know this book will be printed 8x8 at Shutterfly. With my books from 2009 and 2008, I've found I like my photos a bit larger so I can really see them. I'll include pages with fewer photos, but those are typically non-people photos.

I loved the suggestions to include my mom and the cup. It becomes so easy to make every page an Ian page, he's filled with the magic of Christmas this year! I like that I'm left with a good overview of a special day.

I am still mulling the elf minibook idea! What ideas are you considering for your December Daily book?

Capture Your Holidays Through The Lens starts tomorrow! I'm so excited to help you capture special moments! The first lesson includes the technique for the light photo in the bottom corner above.

Thank you to everyone who has registered and spread the word. You are an amazing community of friends.


The Grounds Family said...

The finished page looks great! What are you using for those snowflakes that I see peeking out from under the template?

Gabi said...

Your 2009 book is awesome, Katrina! love the choice of photos.
Sigh, I wish I'd feel creative too now.. I'm looking forward to see more photos from you.


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