Wednesday, December 08, 2010

How I Speed Up My December Daily Pages On Busy Days

This week is PACKED with activities in our house. I love this time of year, but it can get crazy and a bit hard to keep up with December Daily.

I've given myself permission to have some December Daily Do Over Days! I grab a page I've already completed, swap out photo and journaling. Change an element or two (or none). I am then able to breathe easier and carry on to the next day! I want to complete my album AND enjoy the holidays. I've got to strike that balance!

I only took a few photos yesterday, this was a favorite. Sums up this time of year so well.

How are you balancing December Daily and enjoying the holidays?

3 comments: said...

Mostly, they come on their own. Today, I have no idea but am open to whatever comes along. Will be going out in a bit and it may just come then. Deciding that Soemdays may have photos and some may just have words and I am ok with that. Have a great day, my very wonderful friend!

Heidi Y said...

Just taking it one day at a time... and still having trouble balancing, oh well. BTW, how did you take this neat picture of your tree??? Would love to know!

Cheryl McCain - aka Digi Designs by Cheryl said...

I'm beginning to struggle with my December Daily. I totally have nothing for the 11th, 12th AND 13th BUT I do have photos thanks to you and I can go back and fill in to catch up as I have time and just pick up with the current day.


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