Thursday, December 09, 2010

Looking for Cooperation For Christmas Photos?

Do you have difficulty getting cooperation for photos at Christmas? Want to know my trick?

Offer to adorn him in lights so he can be a Christmas tree.* It helps if he is five years old and determined to dress up in "every costume in the world." I'll need to add this to my list of methods to capture active kids.

The trick to low light photos? Spot meter and expose for his face.

How do you get cooperation?

*promptly bathe him after.


Kisiwa said...

Simply beautiful. Love the layout photo.

camilla said...


Sheri said...

Love this photo! The look on your little guys face is adorable. : )

Kate said...

I love these pictures.They are so precious.

kimbee said...

Absolutely festive... Love it!

Dawn said...

So beautiful :)


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