Friday, December 03, 2010

How I Chose My December Daily Paper

I work to keep things in my life simple. I might even put too much energy into being simple. Is it possible, I need to simplify simple?

I've planned my December Daily pages in my mind for weeks. I knew I was going with a white background and a big, photo first style. Something like this page or this page from October's Layout A Day.

I sat at my computer, brought all the pieces together with my December 1st photo. Moved things. Changed things. Walked away. Lamented. Moved more. Slept on it. Picked different whites. Used no paper at all. Flipped the orientation. Considered going with a 6x8 size instead.

Where did simplicity go? What was I thinking?

And then...

I did it. I simplified.

Does it look familiar? I am now considering kraft paper and Ali's templates holiday tradition. It feels right.

How are you keeping your December simple?

I have a winner!

McScraps5 was randomly chosen for a free spot in Capture Your Holidays Through The Lens! Congratulations! Stop by her blog to see her beautiful December Daily book.


Erin said...

lol! I am in the same boat! I had a particular idea that just wasn't working out...I was actually so frustrated that I almost just didn't do a dd at all. I happened to go thru the flikr gallery from the last few favorite ones where the simple I took a bunch of Christmas papers, kraft and cream cardstock and made my pages, printed out some numbers...and I am ready to go! SIMPLE...I tend to make things harder than they need to be all the time! lol

The Grounds Family said...

Paper???? I was supposed to pick paper? Well, hmmmm since I am following your lead and doing mine digi...I choose no background! White! I might throw in a kraft background but so far so good. Check out the blog.

MaryC said...

I am keeping it simple by eliminated things that stress me out. Like making my own Christmas cards. This year I used one of you fab photos and had Shutterfly print them for me.
I also haven't been blogging. Kept me from getting other things done.
I also started my shopping in October so it's pretty much done now.
Lastly, I picked a template set for my December Daily and am using your list as a guide to document my holidays.

Kyria said...

Katrina, this is beautiful. You did a great job.

As a side note -- is the house in the background yours? It is decorated so nicely! And I love the big photo of the guitar player. Just a note. Sorry if I was snooping!

Linda said...

LOL at "simplify simple", but I absolutely love the simplicity of your first December page. It's beautiful!

Katrina Kennedy said...

Kyria, yep my house :) No worries about snooping, I put it out in the world!

The photo is my husband's hand playing guitar printed on 3x3 foot canvas at Pixel2Canvas.

If you look closely you'll see the big green bin of ornaments blocking the fireplace :) We aren't done decorating!

Amy said...

This is a wonderful page - and photo. The tree and the moment are beautifully captured. But the background of your home space is wonderfully captivating... and what is the large photo above the mantle? said...

Under the weathe rall week so started a folder and will catch up soon. I am with you about keepign it simple. Trying to focus on one theme a day. So far so good - hope to catch up this weekend. Thanks Miss K!

mcscraps5 said...

Yay!!! Wow, I was just going through my Googl Reader today and saw my name!! Thank you so very much. You totally made my day.

TerryD said...

Beautiful layout Katrina!
and I love the guitar photo too!!

Gabi said...

That photo is STUNNING, Katrina!! and your page beautiful! Love it.

Kimbee said...

There is nothing simple about this stunning photo and page.. Instead of "Simplified"
I think I would call it "Kiss'ed" (kept it stunningly simple) Don't you just love what simplicity can beget..

TFS Katrina..

sandy bones said...

Katrina, I love the lit star on top of your tree. Do you mind if I ask where you got it? We have an angel on top of our tree, but I just love how the star brightens up the space around your tree.


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