Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Questions About The Very Basics: How To Use Your Camera

Many of you have asked about The Very Basics. Here is a roundup of all of the questions with answers!

When Does Class Start? 
Class starts Tuesday, September 21st. A lesson a week for six weeks with a video each week to help out the visual learners! Lessons post on Tuesday and videos on Thursday.

I Don't Have A dSLR, Can I Still Join?
Absolutely. We are talking about the basics of using ANY camera. If it captures an image you will find something helpful in class. I also interact with you in the forums to find out your specific camera and your specific needs for class.

I Took Your Life: Captured Through The Lens, Should I Take The Very Basics?
It depends. If you still struggle with understanding f/stops and basic photography terminology and want a good foundation this class is perfect for you. If you breezed through Your Life: Captured Through The Lens then you The Very Basics might be too basic.

Do I Have To Be Online At A Certain Time To Participate?
Not at all. There is one schedule chat as a class and one day with office hours where I'll be available for live questions. Otherwise, you can download the pdf's and view the videos at your convenience.

I hope you can join us before the room fills up!

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