Friday, March 12, 2010

Take A Photo Walk With Me March 13

Are you ready for the March Photo Walk With Me? We'll meet Saturday, March 13th at Steamers at 101 K Street in Old Sacramento at 8AM. Yes, it's early. Just think, great light! Parking is enforced in Old Sacramento on Saturdays. Meters are only 90 minutes, so I'd recommend parking in one of the two parking garages to avoid a ticket!

Our inspiration list, focus on some technical shots this time too:

1. Self Portrait with a blurred background
2. Lots of Depth - shoot at f/16 or narrower
3. Tell a Story with f/8
4. Stop The Action
5. Reflected
6. Up Close and Personal
7. Green
8. One Word
9. Lucky

If you are using a point and shoot or shoot in your auto modes, this list is a helpful translation for the first four items on the list:

1. The Portrait Mode (the person's profile)
2. The Landscape Mode (the mountain)
3. The Landscape Mode
4. The Running Man

Not in Sacramento?  Use the list as inspiration for your own photo walk. Let me know if you do!

After the walk you can upload your photos to our new Photo Walk With Me flickr group! When you upload please tag them with March, the corresponding word, and your photo walk city!

Will you be joining me?


Monybean said...

I took my first photo walk, thanks for inviting me :)

Sarah Jones said...

I joined in as well!


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