Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today, I'm Not Taking My Own Advice

Does this happen to you too? You know it will make life easier if you download your photos from your camera. It will be easier if you tag them as you import them into Lightroom. It will be easier if you pick your photo of the day and upload it to flickr. Keeping up with a 365 project helps to keep things streamlined. Helps to avoid missing a photo.

But some days.

Do you just go to bed thinking, "I'll get to it tomorrow?"

Or is that just me?

See you all tomorrow.


Amy L said...

OMG that's what I usually do! It's OK to take a day off now and then.

By - Barb Phillips said...

My thought exactly. Good ideas and plans but no follow through. Spent a whole day looking for a lost photo. Time could have been saved it I were just more organized.

Elena said...

Yup... that's why I just can't do Flickr right now... hard enough to keep up with DD!


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