Monday, March 15, 2010

Before The Fall

I snapped this just seconds before he came crashing to the floor, head first. His face is pretty badly bruised, he has a story he's enjoying telling everyone, and I have proof that he was happy!

50mm | ISO 400 | f/2.8 | ss 1/250

This is one of my favorite spots to shoot in. The light is filtered from the north and west and the mirror reflects so nicely. We'll go back, we have to!

What is your favorite spot to take photos? Which direction does the light come from?


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your photos are amazing said...

Thsi made me smile from ear to ear and I hope he is ok.

Favorite place to shoot? In the middle of a forest of trees with the light coming in from above. For me, it is magical.

Christi said...

He looks so happy! Too bad it ended with bumps and bruises.

Elena said...

I love the energy and joy, but I love that you are reflected in the mirror even more :)

Alison said...

It's those mean slippery socks on hardwood floors. That and gravity and heavy heads. Tell him chicks dig facial bruising.

The Grounds Family said...

Did you shoot this in a "therapy room"? As pediatric OT I noticed the mirrors and the equipment stacked on the armoire ;o)

My favorite place to shoot is in our living room using backdrops as our living room isn't Pottery Barn decor. The light from the front window is beautiful when it is not rainy or dark overcast outside.


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