Monday, January 25, 2010

Which Photo Do You Like Best?

Today I had six photos in the running for photo of the day. Six! I love days like that. Narrowing it down to six was easy. Choosing one, not so easy.

I enlisted the help of my husband, who quickly eliminated two. With four left, he said he couldn't decide because he wasn't there for the photos, he didn't know their stories. I understand that. Sometimes photos are so personal. 

That gave me an idea!

Why not ask the person whose stories were captured in all of the photos? Four year old, to the rescue. As he sat on corner of my desk, I asked Ian to select which photos he liked best. He pointed to two. One because it was a light saber, and the second because it was a pyramid.

My husband asked him, "which do you like the best, if you could only pick one."

50mm | ISO 800 | f/ 3.2 | ss 1/125
Without hesitation Ian touched his four year old finger to my previously clean monitor, identifying today's photo. I feel really good about his choice, knowing my photo of the day now has multiple stories to tell!

I saw this shot coming! As he built the pyramid, he would bend down to get a view of it from below. As he neared completion, I metered for the light and checked my histogram on a few test shots When he placed the last two pieces, I got into position to frame the pyramid with him behind. Using a widish aperture, I was able to blur him but keep the pyramid in focus. Since I was so close to the pyramid, any wider would have blurred parts of the pyramid.

There was a bit of natural light coming through a window behind and to the right of me.

Have you ever had someone else select your photo of the day? What criteria did they use?


askings said...

I pick this one too! LOL Great pick Ian! I think he may just have his mother's eye for photos!

Holly said...

I have not, but I am going to now! This is a fantastic idea!

Melissa said...

I ask my husband for his opinion on many of my photos. While he is not "into" photography, sometimes I feel like it helps to have a fresh eye to look at my work. I tend to over-analyze/critique... :)

Carol said...

I ask my husband or kids when I can't decide which picture to use ... especially if my kids are in the pictures (picky teenagers).

Melissa Stover said...

great idea. i've had this problem myself before.

Rikke said...

And what a good choice he made. Lovely colours and DOF. And to your son. Great build :-)

Anonymous said...

love the back story - love your blog! You have some terrific photos in there. Hope you don't mind, but I might have to nab a few of your ideas if I get stuck in my 365 photoblog quest.

I think getting an outside perspective on the POTD choice is a great idea.

Katrina said...

summerdaze77, take the ideas :) I'd be flattered!


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